Corporate Information

South Pacific Inc. (SPI) is a 100% Filipino-owned company engaged in the downstream business of LPG industry.

Situated in an ideal and strategic location in Calaca, Batangas, SPI’s large storage capacity and ample draft of jetty makes it capable of receiving refrigerated cargoes from Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGC) which gives the company the most competitive gas cost in the country.

SPI, alongside its stakeholders, commits to continuously provide quality LPG products and to render the most efficient service to its customers in fulfillment of its Vision.

Geared towards amplifying its business, SPI is continuously making progressive efforts through expanding and establishing its network. To date, SPI also operates and maintains its terminal in Mandaue, Cebu and San Simon, Pampanga.

Brief History

In 1998, the Ty family braved the LPG industry targeting the Cagayan Valley Region (Region II) as its main market. As business progressed, a network that spanned around 85% of the region has been established. Providing quality LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) across the Island of Luzon, the company expanded its operations and built more refilling plants in the National Capital Region, Region I, Region III, and Region IV-A.

Together with the Calaca Industrial Seaport Corp. (CISC), owned by Udenna Group, SPI’s terminal is strategically situated in a multi-hectare Industrial Park located at Calaca, Batangas – an ideal and strategic location due to the deep portions of Balayan Bay and its own port capable of handling Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) with up to 14 meters draft or up to 55,000 deadweight tonnage (DWT).

With almost five(5) years of operation, SPI is the fastest growing LPG company in the Philippines. To date, it is continuously expanding in the Visayas and Mindanao regions in its commitment to constantly provide quality LPG products as well as to render the most efficient service to its customers.

Our Terminals and Facilities

SPI Calaca Terminal
SPI Mandaue City Terminal
SPI Calaca 8 Lane Gantry

South Pacific, Inc. (SPI) owns and operates the biggest LPG Storage in the Philippines and is a 100% Filipino-owned company whose stakeholders have been in the LPG business for more than a decade, the TY Family of Isabela and Calaca Industrial Seaport Corp. (formerly known as Phoenix Petroterminals and Industrial Park Corp.), which owns and developed the industrial park where the Terminal is located.

The company started its commercial operation last October 25, 2015, with three surface-mounted storage at combined capacity of 6,000 metric tons (MT). At present, SPI has a total of eleven fully-commissioned and operational surface-mounted storage with a total of 22,000 metric tons capacity.

On the other hand, geared towards catering its services in the Visayas region, SPI’s terminal in Mandaue City, Cebu started its operation last January 2019 with 2×1,000MT storage capacity. Located inside Arctura Petroterminal in Mandaue City, SPI Cebu Terminal operations will be similar to that of Calaca, selling product to bulk customers and will be serving not only the Island of Cebu, but as well as to its neighboring islands such as Negros, Bohol, Samar, and Leyte. Meanwhile, located at San Simon Pampanga Industrial Zone is the North Hub terminal boasting 3 X 100 MT storage capacity.

To serve and reach more customers, SPI aims to construct five more terminals in the Southern islands of the Philippines.

Vision Mission & Values


To be the leader in gas industry by exceeding customer needs with the highest standards of safety and quality


We commit to provide efficient service to our customers, exceeding their expectations.

We commit to provide the following to our employees: above-industry compensation package, work-life balance policies and activities, equal opportunity through diversity and inclusions, and continuous career development.

Bounded to multiplicity of resources, we commit to maximize options by establishing partnership with various suppliers

We commit to work with the community to preserve and protect natural resources and assist in livelihood programs to improve quality of life

We commit to deliver to our shareholders an acceptable return on equity by way of an assured growth in the company’s bottomline.


Doing what is ethically correct and morally right to the employee, the company, the community, and country even no one else is watching

Doing everything with heart. The willingness to go about one’s job as of the company were his own, relates with staff as if they were family.

Initiating changes by thinking out of the box to provide great ideas to enhance business performance

Works collaboratively together with others to achieve team goals and objectives.

PMAP Membership


As the primary department engaged in people management and policy implementation, HRAD is the organization’s first line of defence in safeguarding the employees safety and well-being while providing a safe and progressive work space that promotes adaptability, diversity, inclusion, and belongingness.

 HRAD is the gatekeeper and moderator should challenges arise and are expected to provide a well-thought yet achievable set of goals, to be critical thinkers, and to be purveyors of just and unbiased judgements. With these at stake is where PMAP stands.   

 Through PMAP, we are expecting quality above all, camaraderie, competency, efficiency, and productivity within the organization. As each employee shines through their own capabilities, SPI, together with PMAP, are here to always pave the way for learning opportunities and quality trainings dedicated to hone not only the employees but as well as the company culture. Moreover, such are expected to boost employee morale, retention, growth, and value among employees.

 Meanwhile, Mr Mark Z. Hernandez’s confirmation as People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)  Board of Trustees and conferment as Associate Fellow in People Management (AFPM) bestowed by Philippine Society of Fellows (PSOF) is an honor for SPI and is a feat that speaks for the organization and itself. It is an embodiment of our efforts to become leaders in our line of expertise and our never-ending steps to develop and advance the profession of our human resource management.

 At South Pacific Incorporated, we give importance to our employees capabilities that is why we never let our laurels rest. Our efforts to always recognize talents and to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape will be our greatest allies especially during trying times.

About the Logo

The logo  comprises of the company name’s initial letters that are then arranged in an outline similar to that of number eight. Its continuous loop represents SPI’s never-ending commitment and willingness to evolve in the face of difficulty while maintaining passion, camaraderie, and steadfastness that build an institution.

Moreover, the logo’s colors, which are red, green, and white also plays a significant role in the development of the company’s business. Color red symbolizes joy, happiness, and good fortune; green for health and prosperity; while white is for purity. These representations stand for the traits and qualities that the company deem important in its effort to fulfil its tagline, “Working for a triple bottom line.”