SPI, CAMMITA plant 100 seedlings

SPI, CAMMITA plant 100 seedlings

On a beautiful Saturday morning in the province of Cebu, South Pacific Incorporated and CAMMITA People’s Organization joined hand-in-hand in its pursuit to create a greener and healthier environment.

Before the tree planting activity commenced, an orientation was first held to discuss the do’s and dont’s of handling the seedlings and at the same time, to enumerate some guidelines for the safety of the volunteers.

“Green flags are distributed in the area. Once you’ve seen the green flag, ibig sabihin, bangin na iyong kasunod n’yan,” explained SPI’s Corporate Safety Manager, Mr. Elvin Aquino.

Almost 100 Guyabano seedlings were planted to reforest the mountainous area of the chosen location so that when each seedling has fully grown, its roots will prevent the occurrence of landslides.

Meanwhile, the month of June to October is the best time of the year to conduct tree planting activities as the rainy months ensure survival of the saplings.

This green initiative is part of SPI’s contribution in promoting and preserving the environment.

“We would like to thank every one who joined us here today even though it’s a weekend,” added SPI’s President, Mr. IƱigo O. Golingay Jr.

A total of 46 participants took part in the aforementioned activity.