Career Opportunities

PMAP Membership


As the primary department engaged in people management and policy implementation, HRAD is the organization’s first line of defence in safeguarding the employees safety and well-being while providing a safe and progressive work space that promotes adaptability, diversity, inclusion, and belongingness.

 HRAD is the gatekeeper and moderator should challenges arise and are expected to provide a well-thought yet achievable set of goals, to be critical thinkers, and to be purveyors of just and unbiased judgements. With these at stake is where PMAP stands.   

 Through PMAP, we are expecting quality above all, camaraderie, competency, efficiency, and productivity within the organization. As each employee shines through their own capabilities, SPI, together with PMAP, are here to always pave the way for learning opportunities and quality trainings dedicated to hone not only the employees but as well as the company culture. Moreover, such are expected to boost employee morale, retention, growth, and value among employees.

 Meanwhile, Mr Mark Z. Hernandez’s confirmation as People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)  Board of Trustees and conferment as Associate Fellow in People Management (AFPM) bestowed by Philippine Society of Fellows (PSOF) is an honor for SPI and is a feat that speaks for the organization and itself. It is an embodiment of our efforts to become leaders in our line of expertise and our never-ending steps to develop and advance the profession of our human resource management.

 At South Pacific Incorporated, we give importance to our employees capabilities that is why we never let our laurels rest. Our efforts to always recognize talents and to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape will be our greatest allies especially during trying times.