SPI x Batangas Medical Center_A Bloodletting Activity

SPI x Batangas Medical Center_A Bloodletting Activity

We understand that the need for medical supplies amid pandemic is more important than ever.In cooperation with Batangas Medical Center, South Pacific Incorporated successfully held its bloodletting activity in its united aim to promote quality healthcare within the community.

This noble cause aims to provide blood supply that is readily available for consumption.

With the World Blood Donor Day theme “Safe blood saves lives”, this activity also honors blood donors who paved the way to save someone else’s life.

Certain health protocols were observed such as physical distancing, hand sanitation, and wearing of face masks during the activity to ensure the safety of the participants.

Moreover, studies have shown that donating blood can decrease the risk of cancer and hemochromatosis (or iron overload in the body), damage to liver and pancreas, and improves cardiovascular circulation.[i]

The activity was held at SPI Calaca Terminal with a total of thirty-three (33) participants who graced the event.
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