When great minds collide: Team M as pioneers of the first-ever SPI Innovation Challenge

When great minds collide: Team M as pioneers of the first-ever SPI Innovation Challenge

Each mind is a unique galaxy that connived to create a great universe. Every skill a puzzle piece that birthed to a mechanism few could manage to generate. Within each heart is a spark that emanated a bright, burning light through the night of doubt.

One might get lost in the vast sea of idle and dull ideas. While it is highly improbable to carry out a single scheme without further thinking, a spark can often yield into something new and out of the ordinary. The ceaseless passion and desire to innovate not only for them but for the betterment of the company where they serve set them apart from the crowd.

Several months ago, South Pacific Incorporated announced its first-ever Innovation Challenge – a company initiative aimed at awakening and showing off the brilliant minds of its employees. Yet, among the participants vying for the crown, the combined analytical, logical, and deliberate thinking of Vincent Regis, Technical Service Engineer; Princess Lady Lynn Rodriguez, Receptionist;  Marlene Corrales, Admin Associate; Bonn Andrew Tatlonghari, Technical Service Engineer, and Nikko Adrienne Cuerdo, Electrical Maintenance Engineer proved to be the best of the best.

The geniuses winning entry, Additional 8” Diameter Import/Export Line at Jetty 2, is a daring project that targets to lessen the company’s operational cost while providing efficient and value-added service.

“Sa ngayon, mabigat ang cost na dinadala ng company. So, nag-isip kami ng idea paano male-lessen iyong cost na iyon – para makatulong din sa company iyong project na ipo-propose namin.” Explained Vincent (aka Teng), team lead, during a face-to-face interview.

Several sleepless days and nights have been spent working on the project. Their thinking capacity and reasoning skills were put into test; their patience and hard work measured all at once. With time against their side, the winning team almost fell out of pace.

“Iyong naging pinakahadlang para sa amin ay iyong oras. Nahirapan kami – minsan kapag may gagawin kulang kami kaya parang iyong idea, kulang din.” Related Bonn, during the conversation.

According to Team M (as they call themselves), while the preparation stage was already a raging monster that needs to be tamed, no person could ever be prepared as heaven and earth shook during several panel discussions that followed through. While the process already seemed to be a roller coaster ride, they never expected that there will be more surprises along the way.

“Iyong tanong ng management team noong finals, kung paano ba makaka-benefit iyong proposed project namin para sa company. Kasi alam naman natin na cost-related iyong project na pino-propose namin – mataas talaga kasi iyong cost. Sa part na iyon, na-choke ako; nag-stock up ako.” Delivered Teng as they reminisced the time when they have to face the panel to defend their proposal.

When asked what made the team exceptional, Team M acknowledged the strength and skill each member could contribute.

 “Nag-regroup kami kasi may mga ideas na pwedeng makuha sa mga specific member ng group namin ngayon. Sa manpower ni HR and Admin more on documentation, siya (Princess) ang bahala sa documentation. Sa ibang aspect naman ng project, kailangan ng electrical and technical engineer; tapos iyong may understanding sa mechanism ng ipo-propose naming project. Basically, bawat isa sa amin may kanya-kanya at mahalagang role na ginampanan.”

To date, the costing for the said project is still under scrutiny. While waiting for their next steps, the champions expressed their interest in joining the next year’s innovation challenge. According to them, an idea will always be an opportunity waiting to be explored and exploited.

Though the battlefield turned out to be a bloody and a big mess, the sweat and tears that have been shed are all worth it. Most of the time, what seems to be a daunting task usually gives birth to a mind-boggling creation.